About Us

We are a small group of guys looking to gain financial independence through something we enjoying gaming and the online community. We endeavour to do this by creating games we enjoy and sharing them with our family and online communities. Overtime we intend to show more and more of ourselves through our work.

With these games and any online projects we take on be patient with us, we are new to this and learning part of the learning process is feedback and we will be eager to here yours that being said no one likes a hater so try to keep it constructive.

Defy and Astound we hope in time will give us the ability to be better family people enable us to spend more time quality time with those closest to us. At the current time on top of launching this we also work either full or part time and the end goal is to make this our full time endeavour and have Defy and Astound games be enjoyed by so many it enables us to do this.

We look forward to your support and please as our games start to go up first on the Playstore and over time the AppStore please review them and share them on your socials with your friends.


Defy and Astound