Finding and Keeping the Drive to Succeed

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Finding the drive, the thing that motivates us to keep going when it seems like no matter how hard we work that result always seems to be the same. On a good day, we see some signs of improvement that things are heading in the right direction and then once again nothing. Now we are not expecting overnight success with Defy and Astound but on a regular basis, we am hoping to see the desired upward trend to know that all of the hard work and effort is making a difference, a sign that one day we will hit the desired goals.

Since our last post, significant amounts of hours of research have gone into game development, attempting to learn both Unity and Buildbox. On the surface, they both look easy but they are far from it, but that won’t stop us. Most things worth learning are not easy or everyone would be doing them.

For us, it’s about constantly thinking about the long term reward, spending more quality time family and friends, the problem with that is the time required to make something like this especially with limited knowledge coming into the project is a whole heap and that needs to be balanced with the ongoing family and work time requirements. We am realising that we will need to develop a whole heap of little goals along the way to celebrate to keep the momentum and enthusiasm going.

As these little goals are developed they will be shared with you in due course and we look forward to being part of the celebrations large and small along the way


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