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As per the post title, WE NEED YOU, it’s easy to buy source code or pay developers but everything still needs a unique spin whether that be an overall theme a completely new idea or just a couple of little amazing tweaks. We are looking to hear those ideas or if you are a graphic designer and would love to get your work out on to a platform where it can be seen by many please let us know we may be able to incorporate it into a game or share it here on the website in some way.

No idea is too silly in our opinion except the one you never let out into the world, from little things big things grow as they say. So if you share something the Admin team here or the Defy and Astound community as a whole may continue to contribute to it to make it something massive.

I have ideas down the track to run competitions where the Defy and Astound community (you guys) can submit logo artwork and then vote on the best couple one to be used for new games or game releases. Now I know this is a way for us to grow but we would love to take as many as possible of you all along for the ride where we can. We can only grow with your support.

So please do be shy comment below with your ideas and engage with other people’s comments and ideas and let see what we can come up with.

We look to hearing from you all


Defy and Astound
Admin Team

1 comment on “We Need You

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