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Our goal is to DEFY the standard status quo of 9-5 with the development of passive income streams. We are in the process of developing android applications to n the Buildbox platform which to develop quality is much harder than the Youtube videos make it look.

So far many hours have been spent watching Youtube tutorials and tinkering in Buildbox, downloading and buying assets to use in games and experimenting with what works. Over time though we don’t just want to build games or reskin games we want to astound people, make them sit back and go WOW what a game, to be at that point where they just don’t want to put their game down and are picking up their device in there free time to play our game, visit our website and look for the latest update on our Youtube channel.

At the moment we are a team of 2, two cousins one with a family, wife and 2 children and the other 10 or so years younger and single and ready to experience everything life has. To get those experiences either a single person or a family man is hard everything takes time and money and both are not easy to come by. Time is the hardest one hence the pursuit of a new income instead of the standard full-time job.

Now we know to develop these income streams is not an overnight thing and will take a lot of hard work making us even time poorer for a while but the long term benefits far out way the negatives. The key is picking the right time to work on this project, times when the other important people in our lives are already busy but also not whilst we should be sleeping working ourselves into the ground. There is no point working our butts off now to get ahead if we burn out before we get there or spend the first few months of a newfound success in recovery or even worse loss the drive to make this a success before we get there due to burning out, Balance is key.

So as we start to kick our journey up a gear and begin to share it with the world we will do our best to keep that balance in mind and share our success and struggles with you all and I am sure there will be plenty of strugles after all it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Thanks for your support for Defy and Astound and we look forward to seeing you back here soon


Defy and Astound Admin Team

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